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I love to grill. There nothing quite like taking a slab of steak or fish and creating a wonderful meal that puts a smile upon those who have the pleasure of tasting my creation. A grill is my tool, it’s almost a part of me when I stand before it surrounded by the smell of wood charcoal and sizzling meat. But like any tool, a grill, will often break, rust and succumb to general disrepair before the elements.

Sheepishly I must admit that I have adopted the culture of the “disposable grill” and when I say that I don’t mean I purchase a cheap grill and throw it away shortly after. No, for the last 7 years I have purchased grills ranging from several hundred dollars to some that were a fair amount more. Alas, every one of these grills has met the same fate, and that is a long trip in a dumpster truck to the big BBQ cookout in the sky. That’s the sad truth, no matter the price; a conventional grill from most local retailers will not last long.

So, almost every year my son and I wheel out the poor rusted out grill to be hauled away and scrapped. I have wondered where these metal vessels of culinary delight end up and how many others join the same fate every year. I surely can’t be the only one to have such a quick grill turn around. After washing away these thoughts with a cold beer, I send my son to Home Depot or Lowes to procure another grill that, in several months, will be yet another edition to my already long list of deceased grills. The reason I send my son to purchase a grill is because I’m the cook and he is the consumer, the least he can do is a little leg work in exchange for my delectable cooking feasts. The wife cleans up and makes sure my cup is not empty, so she is spared any heavy lifting.

 Growing tired of my grills lasting about as long as Kim Kardashian’ marriage, I decided to go on a quest to find something better, something innovative that will allow me to concentrate on becoming a better griller rather than having to break in and readjust to the characteristics of a new grill. My answer came in the form of an oval XL Primo grill. Upon discovering this ceramic contraption, I have not looked back at a conventional metal grill. Primo combines the ease of a propane grill with the full flavor of a wood charcoal grill. And Primo stands behind their product for 20 years, that’s right, 20 long years of faithful service. By the time the warranty expires the grill will almost be of legal drinking age. Not that it can drink, after all it is just a grill.